Visa Australiana de Turismo


It is directed to individuals who would like to spend a vacation period in Australia or who wish to visit relatives that live in the country. The applicant shall prove that he/she has the income and financial support sufficient for his/her maintenance and to make the trip on his/her own, in addition to prove his interest to return to his/her country of residence.

Other alternatives

Valid for business visits during one year in visits for up to 3 months per period. This Australian visa allows commercial queries, market studies, taking part of fairs, congresses, etc. It does not allow you to work in Australia.

Australian Visa directed to the relatives of Australian citizens or permanent residents. Th relatives that may benefit from this option are the parents, grandparents, grandkids, spouse, de facto spouse, children siblings, uncles or aunts, and nephews or nieces. In the case of this Australian visa, the sponsor must pay a bonus that oscillates from AUD$5,000AUD$15,000 per person, which amount shall be determined on case basis. This bonus shall be reimbursed to the sponsor once the visiting relative has left Australia, provided he/she has complied with the visa conditions.

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NOTA: El programa de migración calificada está diseñado para profesionales titulados menores de 44 años interesados en migrar solo o con su grupo familiar. Se requiere una inversión económica de acuerdo a la Visa o proceso elegido. No se ofrecen puestos laborales. Aplican condiciones y restricciones de ley.

Visa para trabajar y vivir en Australia

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