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Complementary Services - Insurance

OSHC – Overseas Student Health Cover – health Coverage for International Students in Australia.

Having a student medical insurance authorized by the government is one of the essential requirements for your Australian Visa if you are considering and want to study in Australia.

  • RC AUSTRALIA offers various insurance options authorized by the Australian Government so that you may get the best coverage for your stay in Australia as an international student.

What you must know:

  • OSHC is a product designed to help the international students with the cost of medical treatments they may need while studying in Australia.
  • You may choose the student insurance from various insurers for your stay in Australia; it is not necessary to select what the Institution suggests.
  • Insurance coverage differ at every insurance company.
  • Our suggestion is that before you acquire your insurance, you verify the coverages you will have access to.
  • When you have a student medical insurance, according to your provider, you will have:
  • Protection in unexpected events. If an unexpected event occurs during your stay in Australia, it will allow you to be covered for treatments and basic medical attention.
  • Coverage in hospital and ambulatory treatments.
  • Coverage on medications.
  • Ambulance service.
  • Coverage in obstetrics, prosthetics, psychiatry.
  • Attention at your convenience: Have peace of mind choosing where and when you would like to be treated; Members First or Network Hospitals.
  • Telephone attention 7/24.
  • Among others.
  • If you wish more coverage, you may contract additional or complementary plans.
  • There are three different types of insurance available:
    1. For a single person or that travels alone.
    2. For couples: Coverage for the student and his/her spouse, as indicated by the student’s dependent visa.
    3. For people traveling as a family. Coverage for the student, his/her spouse and dependent children under 18 years old, if they live with the student in Australia.
  • OSHC does not cover the members of the extended family, like the mother, father, brother or an aunt. If these family members come to Australia to visit him/her, it will be necessary to process their own coverage as foreign visitors.

For more information on your student medical insurance, contact us at Department of Studies and Services: – WhatsApp: +57 316 5511419

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Hospedaje en Australia

Complementary lodging Services

Where are you going to live?

In RC Australia you will find assessment and support to find the best place to Live in Australia in order for your life experience to be more comfortable. Below you may find the different lodging options:

  • Student Residential: These are student dormitories where you may share with people from various countries; in general, they are located close to the campus. You may select aa private room, a double room, or a room with more than 2 people. You will have access to the laundry service, restaurants, cafés, etc. Student dormitories and the rooms in the campus do regularly include the utilities of power, water and heater.
  • Homestay: It refers to houses of Australian families, where the international students have the opportunity to know the Australian culture. You will have access to snacks, laundry and even transportation services.
  • Hostels and Guesthouses: Hostels are properties that provide shared lodging. On the other hand, guesthouses are private properties where the owner does generally live in the property and leases part of it.
  • Shared Rental or Rental: The student will have the option to lease a place to live on their own, or to lease a property where he/she shares the property’s spaces with other people. Below you may find some of the websites recommended to lease houses and apartments:

On campus Housing: These are dormitories designed in the campus of the college or university. Usually, this option provides the students with shared services for the bathroom, laundry,  study areas, kitchen. This option is offered by a limited number of education entities.

How can you find and define your stay?

On your own:

  1. Hire lodging agencies on your own
  2. Friends and relatives
  3. Lodging apps or networks

It is common in Australia that the people publish the needs for roommates or lease of rooms through apps or creating Facebook groups. Below appear some recommended apps:

RC AUSTRALIA accommodation services:

Our alliances with the most important agencies in Australia for accommodation services will allow you to place this search in expert hands, according to your requirements and needs, thus saving searching time and finding the best option for a safe house.

Are you ready to be supported in your search for accommodation or lodging? You are in time; ask for information now! Department of Studies and Services: – WhatsApp: +57 316 5511419

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Migra y vive en Australia consulta con RC Australia

Complementary Services: Plane Tickets

RC AUSTRALIA offers you the personalized support to negotiate and search for the tickets of our clients, from and to Australia, or the destination they may like, with the best price options, through our corporate alliances.

  1. SANTUR L´alianxa: Travel agency with more than 68 years of service experience in the tourist and corporate environment, recognized for its quality, seriousness and compliance. They have an excellent human team in constant training prepared to provide professional advice for you and your family.
  2. Colaéreo: Specialized tourist advisor, who will support you in the search, organization and price of your tickets. COLAÉREO It operates as a travel agency since 2004 with a team of qualified professionals, who have extensive experience in the travel and tourism industry. It is affiliated with IATA (International Air Transport Association) and they are active members of the Colombian-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Do you already have your approved Australian Visa? Are you going to study or live in Australia? – Are you going to travel to another country? You are in time to request your quotation for plane tickets now!: Department of Agreements: – WhatsApp: +57 316 5511419

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Complementary Services - English and Exams Preparation

Would you like to migrate to Australia or take higher education courses in this country? Remember that your academic and(or migratory purposes will require that you have an intermediate and/or advanced English level, in addition to being certified by any of the international exams accepted.

Would you like to migrate to Australia or take higher education courses in this country?

Being one of the languages most spoken at international level, English has become need in our society and an attraction for people everywhere in the world. In Australia, English is the official language and proficiency is one of the requirements in mode of the visas to this country, turning it into an essential need to achieve good professional, personal and social development during your stay.

As your migration agency, we will recommend you to prepare the best way possible to achieve the scores necessary in the international exams.

It is possible to do this preparation in:

  • You country of residence; or
  • In an English-speaking country, including Australia.
  • Would you like to travel to Australia to prepare your English and international exam?

Australia will require a student visa and the requirements for its approval are different according to your country of origin, the type of course you want to take and its duration.

With RC AUSTRALIA you will have:

Assessment in the most convenient course to take, the institution, duration, cost, starting date, insurance and support in the organization of your arrival.
Verify the feasibility of your student visa.
Have the assessment and legal representation to apply for your visa.

CONTACT US AND LET US SUPPORT YOUR STUDY PROJECT:Department of Studies: or WhatsApp: +57 316 5511419

Vivir, trabajar, estudiar en Australia puntos a considerar
  • 24-hour Learning: This is a beneficial way to ensure that you are practicing on a daily and constant manner, acquiring good vocabulary, since the circumstances ‘require’ that you are understood in different places. Our suggestion is that you take a total immersion, in addition to the course you take, look for accommodation or social groups with English speaking people; try not to focus in groups of people with your language; otherwise, this option will make no difference with what you may achieve in your country.
  • Reduction of the learning time because being abroad you will be able to learn in a short period and the language quality will be higher.
  • Language accent and fluency will improve.
  • Widen horizons: You get to know new things, enrich the language and will have the opportunity to face new culture.

In Australia, you will be allowed to have a part-time job while you study, making this country very attractive for international students, as they may earn a few dollars, generally in non-skilled jobs while they study.

  • This is the option that requires the highest investment because many of the course you may apply for have a significant cost.
  • Under a student visa category in many places you will not access to skilled jobs and other benefits a resident may have, and this limits in general your possibility for professional development in your area while you are under such international student status.
  • Cultural Difference: Temporarily life in another country may generate stress for some people due to the cultural shock and even the lack of language proficiency of the society you are in. This takes you out of your comfort zone where you were in your country to take in the challenge to adjust to very different society from yours, in addition to not having a clear objective in the course to take. Our recommendation is that you asses your adjustment ability to change, the ability to be far from your relatives, etc.
  • Documentation: If you are considering this option, remember to check the documentation to enter the country where you plan to study. Consider that the process to apply for a student visa may require the addition investment of cash, time and there may even be a rejection if you do not meet the requirements. We recommend you to verify your feasibility for these visas with embassies or government sites, in order to quote, organize and plan your studies.

Would you like to prepare your English and the international exam from your country of residence?

Options in all the modalities and for all the international exams for your process:

Thinking of making your life easier, in RC AUSTRALIA we have built alliances with some of the best language academies, to which we can refer you so they are able to support you and provide you exclusive benefits as you are our client.

Study from your country of residence (Spanish speaking)

  • The investment is lower; occasionally, you may access to online courses where you may find the information required without traveling or even without leaving your home or work place.
  • Currently, there are various ways to practice the language on a daily basis: Conversations, meetings and places dedicated to reinforcing what you need.
  • You maintain your comfort zone, because you keep your quality of life, your customs, you continue your professional, work, personal and social development, added to the possibility of generating income to professional level.
  • If you study with great dedication, you may reach your objectives, as we have seen in thousands of cases.
  • If you do not have the persistence necessary, you may take hundreds of courses and not achieve what you need, since the most valuable aspect to learn is time and the relevance level you give to it. Our suggestion is that, if you choose it, you study at least 8 hours per week, if you want to quickly advance in the language.
  • Being this a Spanish speaking location, it is not easy to find people that can help you to practice the language.
  • To take an English course as ‘another requirement’ and not as your priority to reach your personal and professional objectives, may have consequences in its result.
Vivir, trabajar, estudiar en Australia puntos a considerar

What do you think is the best option for your life project?

Are you ready to begin preparing your English level? We are at your service: Department of Agreements: – WhatsApp: +57 3165511419.

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