Visas for Australia sponsored by Companies

Visas para Empresas

Business Visas

This segment, groups the Australian Visas that require that an Australian or foreign company sponsor a skilled worker to live and work in Australia with his/her family.

A foreign company may sponsor one of their employees to live and work in Australia. To access this Australian Visa, it is necessary that the occupation appears in the combined list of eligible skilled occupations.

These visas have their own lists, which also classify the occupations in Medium and Long-Term (MLTSOL) Short Term (STOL) and Regional (ROL).

There are several types of Visas to Australia with a employer’ sponsorship: Temporary or permanent.

  • V 482 Tss Temporary Skill Shortage
  • Employer Nomination Scheme, Ens, V186
  • Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa 494

It replaced the visa 457 in March 2018.

It is structured in 3 elements:

The Nominating Company must get a permit to hire foreigners (Standard Business Sponsorship – SBS)

The company may be an Australian or offshore company that ants to send employees to work in Australia.

  • Nomination: the nominated position for the foreign worker must be in one of the skilled occupations according to the Medium and Long-Term MTSOL o de Short-Term STOL lists.

The company must make a contribution to the Skills Australian Fund (SAF) These accepted occupations are subject to specific conditions (caveats).

  • MTSOL: visa for 4 years. It leads to the permanent residence after 3 years, through the transitional stream of the employer sponsored 186 visa.
  • STOL: visa for 2 years, it does not lead to a permanent residence.
  • Applicant: must comply with some minimum requirements. o Relevant skills for the nominated occupation.o Vocational English
    At least 2 years of Occupation Experience.

Australian permanent work visa: It applies in the case that an Australian company nominates a foreign worker to come or stay in Australia as a permanent resident

It is also structured on two elements

The company must nominate an occupation from within this visa own list.

The applicant must comply with the minimum requirements:

  • Competent English
  • Skills Assessment in the nominate occupation.
  • At least 3 years of full-time related experience

An Australian company located in a regional area of Australia (regional or non-urban) nominates a foreign worker candidate to work in a regional area; this Australian Visa category requires the regional authority approval, (Regional Certifying Body) which will be submitted to the Department of Home Affairs.

This visa is available for more occupations than the other sponsor visas.

The Visa 494 is a provisional visa for 5 years, which leads to the permanent residence after 3 years of work.

DAMA: Designated Areas Migration Agreement

Some areas in the country have special agreements to be able to nominate employees that do not comply with the requirements of the preceding visas. Each state broadcasts its own programs DAMA.

Would you like to assess the feasibility that your employer or future employer sponsors you to work in Australia? Does your company want to nominate any foreigner to work in Australia?

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